Fall is in the air!

Hi again, I’ve been hard at work on several projects at one time.  Are you that way?  I need several things going on at once in order to keep creative juices flowing.  Maybe that comes from being a Kindergarten teacher too.

So one of my projects was a new wreath for my door. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what I was doing but with all the great fall flowers and greenery at A. C. Moore on sale for 60% off it would have been hard to fail. You really need to check them out if you haven’t shopped lately.  I wrapped  a 10 inch green foam wreath I had bought for another project with some burlap I had left over from last Christmas. Then I began adding twigs, cattail, large yellow spider mums, fall foliage and paper lantern flowers with my hot glue gun.  Here is the result, I hope you like it too.


2016 Fall Wreath for my door

A. C. Moore  You can check their store locator to see if there is one near you.

My wreath was bought at The Dollar Tree and I was very pleased with it. Did you know you can also order from The Dollar Tree?  Most items are by the case, but some you can order as few as 4.  Anyone who does crafts with kids or likes doing craft fairs may find this to be a real bargain.  The Dollar Tree

That’s all for today, but check back soon I’ll have a really neat fall pumpkin trio to hang on the wall.  It is finished, just have to get it loaded up.

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, please leave a comment and tell me what you think.




I Returnth!

I have been aol for so long that it is like starting over.  But new beginnings can be quite gratifying.  And so I shall introduce myself again.

I am Charlene, aka the CrazyCraftingCrafter.  I live in North Carolina at present,  but have lived in many places throughout my life.  I truly enjoy crafting and seems like I want to try everything!  Problem with that is I never attain expertise in any one area.  I know there are many bloggers  who are just the same trying all kinds of venues.  That can get to be expensive… especially since my daughters craft with me…. you do the math. lol

Lately I have been concentrating on painting  with watercolors and acrylics and crocheting.  Crocheting is relatively new for me, but I find it relaxing and once you have chosen your pattern and yarns you are on your way.  Also, it is very portable and I like that too.

So  today I will share a few of my ICADs I worked on this summer. I didn’t finish the whole challenge of 60 cards in 60 days, but I did enjoy trying new techniques.  I encourage you to try them too.  Also I plan to create more of them along the way.

An ICADs is an index card that you create small works of art. I enjoyed it because it was small and I didn’t have to have major planning.


Icad pretty posey.

Lighting the way


Faux leather background


Faux leather background made with grocery bag.




My take on a rose in bloom

I’ve had a long dry spell of being un-creative, but I’m feeling more confident in myself and my work.  I watch how to videos….. way too many, because I am a student at heart. I see new ideas and techniques and try to incorporate them into my art. Many don’t look anything like what I saw and I get very disappointed.  BUT…. I have found a few that really inspire me and I’ve been working on some of those.

One that I really enjoy watching is the Frugal Crafter, Lindsey.. she has a ton of tips, tricks and ideas.  I recently watched her video on creating a card with a large rose for the focal point. This was done with colored pencils. So I looked for a free image on the internet of a rose and this is what I found. So I decided to give it a try myself. I located a full rose bloom image and printed it on white cardstock.

floral print

This is the images I saved.

Then using just 4 Prang colored pencils to shaded and highlight my rose. It doesn’t look quite as great as Lindsey’s, but I am pretty pleased with the results.  After I finished mine I remembered her first step was to do a wash with pink watercolors.

This is my rose. I used regular Prang colored pencils in indigo, light magenta, red and yellow as a highlight.  I also highlighted with white.  I used the rose in a mixed media journal I made.

my rose

If you would like to try this check out Lindsey’s video I have put a link below.The Frugal Crafter   Red rose in colored pencil

I forgot to post the pic of my picture added to my mixed media journal. I like it…

Red Rose with green background

The background is kind of unusual,I used my daughters wet wipe that was very well used and had dried. This is the second time I have tried this technique and I really think it adds color and texture.

On My Mind

Today is a sunny day in North Carolina, but my heart goes out to all my friends and family in West Virginia with the never ending  winter they are experiencing. They had gotten 20 + inches of snow in the last go around; then on Wednesday the temperature rose well above freezing and everything started melting. With that rivers and streams overflowed their banks, and there were mudslides blocking roads and causing a lot of damage.  But Mother Nature wasn’t finished for the day, by evening temperatures dropped and they have now received another 6 to 8 inches of snow.  Hang in there gang, I am sure warmer days are ahead!

What’s on my crafting plate at this time?

Lots!  I have several projects I am working on: 2 mini albums, my art journal, recycled cans and oatmeal canister into a desk organizer; and a perpetual calendar. I hope to upload some pics very soon of my progress.

happy accident background This is an a picture from my art journal. The background was made by layering excess paint from a different project onto the page. I really wasn’t thinking or planning  anything, just hated to waste the paint.  Since it had my favorite colors of  fall I added a stencil of a large tree and highlighted it with perfect pearls. The facing page has an owl in a tree with a similar background.

Truth behind my title….

Ok, here’s the behind the scenes scoop…..  This is my first time trying to blog though I used to have a homepage, you guys remember them don’t you, with pictures and graphics. Hmmm, sounds a lot like blogging, but you only worked on them when you wanted to, very low commitment.

Anyway, I thought today is the day I start mine. Well, I went to word press and thought up a name added my email address and submitted it for approval. And whoopie they accepted it on the first try.  Soo, ok, I’m cooking with Crisco!  I have a blog. Then I looked at the title and I had misspelled it!  This is what I mean by making all the mistakes. Who wants a blog with misspelling in the title.  I tried deleting it, but seems it doesn’t work that way. I changed the email attached to it and made a new one with the correct spelling. Nope, all my problems did not go away. There now two blogs with very similar names listed under my name. A couple of hissy fits and a knowledgeable daughter has me on the right page now.

If you want to do something, GO FOR IT! You will only be sorry if you don’t try.

Hello Fellow Crafters

Hi, my name is Charlene and I am a Jill of all Crafts person.  I have dabbled in many different forms of crafting:  in the 70s I did macrame and oil painting; the 80s found me doing neddlepoint and crossstitch along with some knitting.  The 90s and early 2000s I did a lot of crafts with children in my classroom.  About that time I was introduced to scrapbooking and jewelry making.

I am the perpetual student, what  I love most is learning new forms of art and techniques. So that leads to the question. Why am I blogging and why should you visit my site?

Well, I have learned a lot and if a mistake can be made I probably have done it.  I’d like to share some tricks and tips I have found that maybe the more professional bloggers have forgotten how it was when they first started learning.

I am going to concentrate on mixed media art, scrapbooking and jewelry making; but don’t be surprised if I throw in something off the wall every now and then.

Please come back and visit me often, I’ll be waiting.