Truth behind my title….

Ok, here’s the behind the scenes scoop…..  This is my first time trying to blog though I used to have a homepage, you guys remember them don’t you, with pictures and graphics. Hmmm, sounds a lot like blogging, but you only worked on them when you wanted to, very low commitment.

Anyway, I thought today is the day I start mine. Well, I went to word press and thought up a name added my email address and submitted it for approval. And whoopie they accepted it on the first try.  Soo, ok, I’m cooking with Crisco!  I have a blog. Then I looked at the title and I had misspelled it!  This is what I mean by making all the mistakes. Who wants a blog with misspelling in the title.  I tried deleting it, but seems it doesn’t work that way. I changed the email attached to it and made a new one with the correct spelling. Nope, all my problems did not go away. There now two blogs with very similar names listed under my name. A couple of hissy fits and a knowledgeable daughter has me on the right page now.

If you want to do something, GO FOR IT! You will only be sorry if you don’t try.


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