On My Mind

Today is a sunny day in North Carolina, but my heart goes out to all my friends and family in West Virginia with the never ending  winter they are experiencing. They had gotten 20 + inches of snow in the last go around; then on Wednesday the temperature rose well above freezing and everything started melting. With that rivers and streams overflowed their banks, and there were mudslides blocking roads and causing a lot of damage.  But Mother Nature wasn’t finished for the day, by evening temperatures dropped and they have now received another 6 to 8 inches of snow.  Hang in there gang, I am sure warmer days are ahead!

What’s on my crafting plate at this time?

Lots!  I have several projects I am working on: 2 mini albums, my art journal, recycled cans and oatmeal canister into a desk organizer; and a perpetual calendar. I hope to upload some pics very soon of my progress.

happy accident background This is an a picture from my art journal. The background was made by layering excess paint from a different project onto the page. I really wasn’t thinking or planning  anything, just hated to waste the paint.  Since it had my favorite colors of  fall I added a stencil of a large tree and highlighted it with perfect pearls. The facing page has an owl in a tree with a similar background.


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