My take on a rose in bloom

I’ve had a long dry spell of being un-creative, but I’m feeling more confident in myself and my work.  I watch how to videos….. way too many, because I am a student at heart. I see new ideas and techniques and try to incorporate them into my art. Many don’t look anything like what I saw and I get very disappointed.  BUT…. I have found a few that really inspire me and I’ve been working on some of those.

One that I really enjoy watching is the Frugal Crafter, Lindsey.. she has a ton of tips, tricks and ideas.  I recently watched her video on creating a card with a large rose for the focal point. This was done with colored pencils. So I looked for a free image on the internet of a rose and this is what I found. So I decided to give it a try myself. I located a full rose bloom image and printed it on white cardstock.

floral print

This is the images I saved.

Then using just 4 Prang colored pencils to shaded and highlight my rose. It doesn’t look quite as great as Lindsey’s, but I am pretty pleased with the results.  After I finished mine I remembered her first step was to do a wash with pink watercolors.

This is my rose. I used regular Prang colored pencils in indigo, light magenta, red and yellow as a highlight.  I also highlighted with white.  I used the rose in a mixed media journal I made.

my rose

If you would like to try this check out Lindsey’s video I have put a link below.The Frugal Crafter   Red rose in colored pencil

I forgot to post the pic of my picture added to my mixed media journal. I like it…

Red Rose with green background

The background is kind of unusual,I used my daughters wet wipe that was very well used and had dried. This is the second time I have tried this technique and I really think it adds color and texture.