I Returnth!

I have been aol for so long that it is like starting over.  But new beginnings can be quite gratifying.  And so I shall introduce myself again.

I am Charlene, aka the CrazyCraftingCrafter.  I live in North Carolina at present,  but have lived in many places throughout my life.  I truly enjoy crafting and seems like I want to try everything!  Problem with that is I never attain expertise in any one area.  I know there are many bloggers  who are just the same trying all kinds of venues.  That can get to be expensive… especially since my daughters craft with me…. you do the math. lol

Lately I have been concentrating on painting  with watercolors and acrylics and crocheting.  Crocheting is relatively new for me, but I find it relaxing and once you have chosen your pattern and yarns you are on your way.  Also, it is very portable and I like that too.

So  today I will share a few of my ICADs I worked on this summer. I didn’t finish the whole challenge of 60 cards in 60 days, but I did enjoy trying new techniques.  I encourage you to try them too.  Also I plan to create more of them along the way.

An ICADs is an index card that you create small works of art. I enjoyed it because it was small and I didn’t have to have major planning.


Icad pretty posey.

Lighting the way


Faux leather background


Faux leather background made with grocery bag.